scans and post production


CastorScan's philosophy is completely oriented to provide the highest scan and postproduction quality on the globe for true State-of-the-Art results.

According to several internationally reknown laboratories and photographers we just deliver the very best quality of scan on the market.

Our workflow is fully manual and extremely meticulous in any stage.

We developed exclusive workflows and profilation systems to obtain unparallel results from our scanners not achievable through semi-automatic and automatic workflows.

Our scanners range include: DAINIPPON SCREEN SG-8060p Mark II drum scanner, IMACON 848, KODAK-CREO iQsmart3, SCREEN CEZANNE FT-S 5000.



  • State of the Art drum scans. Completely manual workflow.
  • Top quality CCD scans. Completely manual workflow.
  • Manual inversion of 3rd party .fff (imacon-hasselblad) scans. No flexcolor.
  • Hardware and software assistance for drum and ccd scanners.
  • Digital post production.
  • Color management consulting.
  • Consulting on hi-fi analog and digital photographic acquisition.
  • Consulting on Fine-Art productions (acquisition, post production, printing, framing).


Marco Campanini

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